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Jareth’s Realm

Jareth’s Realm is an interesting little Labyrinth fan site, the main reason being the “Analysis” section. If you’re a fan of Labyrinth and of over analysing things, which I am, then you’ll probably like it too.

Yoshitaka Amano

I first came across Amano’s beautiful art by way of the Final Fantasy series, specifically the booklet for the FF7 soundtrack, which featured some of the concept art he had created for the game.

amano4 amano5

Amano has an unusual, fluid, seemingly effortless style, which manages to look unfinished almost, but never incomplete. Nothing in his world ever quite seems grounded, as though the characters were whispered onto the page and could leave on a whim… they have things to do outside the confines of the page.

Amano is an artist so good that I almost don’t want to look at any more of his work, as the more I see, the less there will be left for me to discover.



Katerina Jebb

One of my favourite aspects of buying new music has always been looking through the album artwork for the first time. No matter how much quicker and easier it is to buy and download music online, for as long as it is available I will always opt instead for the physical copy, complete with the much treasured little book of art.

Of the albums I own, my favourite series of artwork is that produced by UK photographer Katerina Jebb, for the Tori Amos album From The Choirgirl Hotel.

Tori Amos

Through her use of multiple scans in creating the images, the women of Jebb’s work often appear to inhabit some indefinite space, one in which they do not quite seem to belong. They appear to me as though changelings, the human children stolen by faeries, now fully grown.



Images copyright Katerina Jebb